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What is KaaShopping

KaaShopping is a shopping list application for mobile devices like PDA or smart phone.

In contrast to many free 'shopping list applications' for such devices, it's open source; licensed under GPL v2.

Supports :
  • Location Filter - Allows selection of the items bought from the different locations.
  • Chooser Mode - Helps you to add items in your shopping list quickly.
  • Categories - Group items into categories!
  • Hide/Show Items In Cart - Toggle purchased items simply by clicking the cart button on the toolbar.
  • Column Quick Sort - Sort by name or category, ascending or descending just tapping on the column headers.
  • Customizable font size - You can choose font sizes for viewing your list.
  • KaaShopping has over 200 enclosed grocery items. Of course, you can add your own, and KaaShopping will remember them.
  • Import Export functionality.-plain text SQL-file
  • Multi language support.- currently avalable languages: englishen, germande and frenchfr