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Installation notes

PythonCE Just download and follow installation instructions NOTE: Insatalling to SD_CARD does not work; you must use internal storage as installation target.

PPyGUI SVN version required. But never mind, current version of KaaShopping has PPyGUI SVN snapshot dated November 02, 2008 included

ConfigObj Current version of KaaShopping has nessesary code from this project included.


  • Get tGetFile from Tillanosoft web site
    Use the Pocket PC Version. At least that worked on for me on testing platform MS-Device Emulator (v3.0) as well as on real hardware (aka. Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1) .
  • Fix 'ppygui-0.7'
    KaaShopping is patched since it has SVN version of PPyGUI included.
    Usage of tGetFile.dll is broken in ppygui-0.7.
    Follow following instructions to make it work:
    1. Open ppygui\ with a text editor
    2. locate to "# Detect if tGetFile.dll is present" (at line 50)
    3. you'll see
          tGetFile = cdll.tgetfile.tGetFile
          def GetOpenFileName(ofn):
              tGetFile(True, ofn)
          def GetSaveFileName(ofn):
              tGetFile(False, ofn)
    4. alter the statements like this
          tGetFile = cdll.tgetfile.tGetFile
          def GetOpenFileName(ofn):
              return tGetFile(True, ofn)
          def GetSaveFileName(ofn):
              return tGetFile(False, ofn)
    5. Finaly remove/delete filedlg.pyc