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Known Bugs and missing features

The list below shows known bugs and missing features. But it's only updated from time to time.
So I would like to address You to the projects
'trac' site external

You want to reoprt a bug or suggest a feature? Feal free to post a new ticket external
  • The image does not scale on QVGA devices
  • Layout could be nicer
  • Default, button and HTML-viev font setting have no efect. Just the list font option is operable.
  • No translation of table headers
  • Table in EditShops lacks sorting feature
  • Cant't make line breaks in multiline edit contols (comment fields)
  • EditArticles lacks confirmation message on deletion of article
  • When jou add a articte to 'cart' the quantity dialog has:
    • layout is uggly
    • is not clear in context
    • no/wrong heading
  • Add feature to show/hide purchased articles on the list. Even more, if purchased articles are are hidden, shrink collumn 'cart' to zero to give more room on Display.
  • Menu option show/hide purchased articles crashes -> thus currently disabled
    This bug has been fixed in the SVN of PPyGUI this link is broken. So how to advance?
    The loxodo project external has got a snapshot dated Nov. 2-nd 2008 which is also provided with the current relase of KaaShpping for convenience.
  • SQL statements are not properly escaped (SQL injection vulnarability)
  • Menue option 'clear cart' not implemented.
  • Request: Implement menue option 'clear purchased' Done